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Dave is a BAFTA award winning director who has been in the Industry for well over 20 years, working across a series of different skillsets before the passion and urge took over to direct multi-camera – live, pre-recorded and OB.


Over the past 15 years, that passion has seen him working on a solid and broad range of genres for the five terrestrial broadcasters, the Digital sector as well as on Cross Platform content such as DVD releases.  He has fully formed experience and therefore flair across all genres including Panel and Quiz shows, Music, Children’s programming, Magazine shows and Event TV.


As well as bringing such a wealth of experience to projects, Dave’s Industry background ensures he has an almost unique ability as a Director to see a Production from a myriad of perspectives, ensuring Producers’ creative ambitions can be realized right through to the content being delivered within budget. 


Together with that vast experience, Dave has a good rapport with all the major broadcasters, production teams, on screen talent and indies alike – all with the aim of delivery quality product and content.

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